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JETUSA Cary is a branch of JETUSA Inc a registered 501c(3) non-profit organization established in 1994 by His Holiness Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji. JETUSA conducts various educational and spiritual activities based on vedic philosophy under the aegis of Parama pujya Swamiji. JETUSA conducts personality development classes for Children and Adults in the name of PRAJNA and has more than 50 centers across United States.

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What is the Event?

Jeeyar Educational Trust (JET USA), North Carolina invites you all to Sahasra Kalasabhishekam to Bhagavad Ramanujacharya, a celebration of 1000 years of beacon of equality as part of Sri Ramanujacharya's millennial birth anniversary celebrations. This is a Community enrichment program to inculcate the equality propounded by Bhagavad Ramanuaja and to promote peace, prosperity, and universal brotherhood. This unique mega event is a first of its kind and will be organized in the divine presence of H.H. Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji!

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When and Where the event is taking place?

It is a 2-day event happening in Raleigh, North Carolina during 7th & 8th of July 2018 (Independence Day Weekend).

To give a joyful experience a Shobha Yatra – A grant devotional procession of chariot with Sri Ramanuja will be conducted on evening of 7th July from 5pm onwards His Holiness Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji leading the way and amidst of vedic chantings of 100s of priests across the world. Thousands of devotees participate in this devotional walk with bhajans, kolatam and singing glory of Ramanuja.

Following day on 8th July Sahasra Kalasa Abhishekam will be conducted in divine presence of His Holiness Swamiji from 8am to 2pm

What is the benefit I get by participating in Shobha:yatra?

It is said in scriptures that “rathasthwam ke:savam drushtwa punarjanma na vidyathe” which means that the one who witness Lord in Chariot will never take birth again.

What is Sahasra Kalasa:bhishekam?

Sahasra Kalasa:bhishe:kam is a unique and rare ve:dic ritual, where an Abhishe:ka(sacred bath) is offered with 1001 sanctified Kalasa:s filled with various dravyams like water from holy rivers, lakes, ponds, milk, yogurt, honey, herbal extract of sacred plants/leaves.

Registration & Participation

Who can attend this event?

This event is open to all young and old. Anyone and everyone who want to immerse, and experience devotional bliss of Lord and Acharya are welcome. Admission is free.

How can we participate in this event?

There are 2 ways one can participate in this event

  1. Sponsor a Kalasa: 1001 Kalasas are specially being made for this event with Panchaloha, which can last for few generations.
  2. Volunteer: Since the event is attended by thousands of people, we need help for various activities. There is an option to register as a volunteer when you are sponsoring for Kalasa.

How do I sponsor for a Kalasa?

Please visit Registration Page for details. For any questions please call us at 805-JET-CARY or reach out any of volunteers from near by JET/PRAJNA center

What is the last date for Sponsoring a Kalasa?

Anything good act should be done immediately, please reserve your Kalasa immediately by sponsoring on our website. Since we have only 1001 Kalasas, and devotees from across the world are expected to participate in this event, if you wait till the last, we cannot guarantee.

Can I sponsor more Kalasas?

We recommend one family to sponsor for one Kalasa, so that the opportunity is there for at least 1001 families. You can definitely sponsor on behalf of a relative or a friend, or you can refer to them.

Can I sponsor a Kalasa if I am not able to attend the event in person?

We would like you to come and experience this wonderful event, but because of any reasons if you can attend in person you can still sponsor for a Kalasa. We will either be mailing directly to the address provide while registering or we can send it to the nearest JET/PRAJNA center where you can collect.

You have an other option to specify your relative or friend’s name to who can collect on behalf of you while registering.

Can I donate/sponsor more for any other puja material?

Yes, surely. There is an opportunity to sponsor for various other pu:ja: materials needed for Sahasra Kalasabhishekam like Coconuts, Flowers and Milk etc. Here is the link

Registration Link

What happens when we register and sponsor for Kalasa?

Since we have 1001 Kalasas, each Kalasa sponsor will be given a mantra for their family from Sri Vishnu Sahasranama(1001 names of sri Maha Vishnu). Starting from 15th May we would like all the families to chant the given mantra for 41 Days every day. You will receive a puja process/guide along with picture Lord Srimannarayana and Ramanuja. You can install this picture in your puja room and chant the mantra for some time as your time permits. It is recommended to offer fresh/unbroken rice in a bowl/kalasa placed in from the Lord while chanting. But there is no compulsion

Can we have Mantra specific to our Birth Star and Zodiac Sign (Nakshatram and Rasi)

Yes absolutely, we have 108 Slokas in Sri Vishnu Sahasra Nama and we have 27 Stars each have 4 Padams. Any person will be under one of the 27 Stars. If you know your birth star and padam you can get a sloka that is specific to you.

Where can I get Mantra/Sloka specific to my birth start?

Go to below website and select your start and respective padam to get the sloka

Can this chanting be done only in Puja room?

You can chant the name any time wherever you are unconditionally. It is wonderful if you can sit in puja room in front of the God and chant.

What if we can not chant for 41 days or if there is a break?

As we told there are no restrictions for chanting, you can chant for 41 days/21 days/11 days or as many days as you want. You can resume whenever you are able to.

What do we do after the 41 days completed or How do we conclude Hari Nama Japa Di:ksha?

One way to conclude is to invite all your friends and family, and chant Sri Vishnu Sahasranama and offer prasa:dam made with the collected unbroken rice for 41 days.

You can also bring the rice to the event, where it will used for making prasadam and distributed to all the devotees

When do you recommend arriving for the event?

We would like all of you to arrive by 6th night or by 7th Morning and check in to hotel or your stay. And come to the Shobhayatra place by 4PM.

Can we come early to help/volunteer?

Sure you can definitely come early to help us in the preparations. Accomodation is expenses are not included in Kalasa sponsorships. Please call us @ 805-JET-CARY to coordinate your arrival and stay.


Do you have any stay arrangements for out-of-state devotees?

Details will be updated soon.

Is there a pick up / drop off from Airport to hotel?

Details will be updated soon.

What is the nearest airport?

Raleigh Durham International Airport (RDU) is the nearest airport.